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Mon, 19 Apr 1999 00:11:52 EDT

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<< was getting 20 lawnmower
 catcher bags of grass with each mowing.  That dropped to 4 catcher bags of
 grass after we treated his lawn with VAM fungi.  ... I was getting around 8 
catcher bags of grass and now I get about 1/2 to 1 catcher bag of grass.
 Another feature I like in the lawn and the garden is that many weeds are not
  The root biomass of the lawn goes down 17 inches or more and
 the garden plants treated with VAM fungi all have much larger root systems. 

Grass that produces less grass?  That's good?  I'm confused (but please spare 
me the explanation).
You say many weeds are not mycorrhizal.  Other than your observations, how do 
you know?   You have references?

If roots treated with this fungi are so much more efficient, why do the 
plants need larger root systems?  Seems like they could grow without putting 
extra effort into un-needed roots.

I hate to ask these questions because I'm really tired of hearing about this 
stuff.  I'll have to learn to use my delete key more often.
Sorry for whinning.