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Thomas Giannou (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 15:05:32 -0700

Dear Byron,

Thanks for the correction!  Regarding your higher phosphorus idea... I tried
some fish pellets rated at 8-5-1 and lost some plants that were treated with
VAM fungi.

I saw an abstract the other day that was kind of interesting to me.  Some
species of VAM fungi will actually be less effective as one adds
fertilizer.... even low phosphorus fertilizer.  Glomus Intraradicies SP.,
was noted to perform even better when one adds fertilizer (keep the
phosphorus 2% or less and in a complex form).  Glomus Intraradicies responds
with a lot of different plants and produces excellent results.  Almost all
the manufacturers of VAM inoculants have Glomus Intraradicies in their mix.

I've also seen a few abstracts that state VAM fungi is also thought to add
additional internal function to its host plant that is not found in
non-colonized plants.  I would like to learn more about that.  I think that
is one of the current day's interest among several researchers in the
mycology field these days.  I've seen some speculation about seeds being
produced by VAM treated plants being mycorrhizal.... although I remain real
skeptical about that one.

Who knows.... maybe I'll even like tomatoes after I use VAM fungi on
different species and start getting some that are really tasty.  <grin>
Most tomatoes I've grown in the past have been yucky tasting to me... so as
I get into growing classier tomatoes with VAM, I am expecting to have
results that will taste much better than the non-VAM treated plants I've
been growing in the past.  I am going to grow some sweet 100's inside this
year by our southern exposure window and see how they do.  I'm looking
forward to snacking on tomatoes all winter long from my living room garden.

Best Regards,

Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington

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Subject: [tomato] mycorrhizal fungi

>My apologies for not double checking that site address.
>The reason I sent the pepper information is because
>the fungi was not listed under the tomato section. Both plants
>are in the same family and are 99% common.
>Maybe if Mr. Giannou used a higher phosphor rated
>fertilizer, the effects mycorrhizal fungi would be
>less significant.
>Most Extension agencies recommend a 5-10-10 or 5-20-20
>here's 1 (I did double check this url)
>I have also burned plants with high phosphor, but usually when
>the rating is over 20.