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Thomas Giannou (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 18:55:29 -0700

Dear Jan and John,

Here's a URL to look at that seems to have a lot to say about it...

They had an interesting viewpoint about Organic Coffee.... seems as if a lot
of chemicals may possibly be sprayed on coffee plants and end up being taken
into the beans.  I wonder if there is a cumulative effect to consuming that

The above URL even talks about using Coffee as a foliar spray, hot coffee to
kill insects, and grinds to benefit many plants including tomatoes.  It
seems there is some sort of mineral bennefit, but I don't know which
minerals.  It can even be used to damage fungi on plant surfaces when it is
sprayed on hot.

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington

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Date: Monday, April 19, 1999 4:07 PM
Subject: [tomato] coffee grinds...

>Don't some people use coffee grinds in their gardens?
>I know starbucks coffee offers to give them away to whom ever will haul
>them off....
>I always brew a pot or two each day.....
>Input please!
>Jan Taylor
>San Antonio, Texas