Re: [tomato] VAM

John Cramer (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 00:31:36 -0400

I've been advised by my source for mycorrhizal spores that it's safe to
use fish
emulsion and bat guano(I think that's the right word).  Anything
organic. He was
concerned that I might be using Miracle Grow or any other like product.
It will kill the spores.

"Byron.Bromley" wrote:

> If VAM does a number on plants that have that low of P
> rating in the soil, whats it going to do for gardeners that
> use Miricale Gro 15-35-15 or Bloom  10-60(52?)-10, That
> combination really should burn up your plants.
>   READ labels, I have to agree, 100% on that one. Just 1 example
> there are a least 5 different plant out times for different seeds.
>   The big problem is most manufacturers don't allow you to read
> labels until the product label has been destroyed so you can't get
> a refund. Or the labels are not complete enough, after you
> have screwed something up and you contact the maker, then they
> send you a big sheet of what should have been done.
> Byron