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> Hi Kimberlee,
> WOW seem tpo be different things to different folks.  I will never forget
> one cold morning when I decided to re-adjust one.  The damting flipped over
> all down the front of me.  As I started back to the house my neighbor
> asked, "couldn't you wait?"
<lol>  I will try them next season; I'll buy a bunch when they are on 
sale this year, plus I want to see how this year's new varieties do 
"Plain Jane" style before messing with them.  And I'm not starting 
any of the same varieties as I did last year at all, though I may try 
Carmello, the hybrid, if I see it at the nursery come planting time 
when I get my annuals.

> My web site is back up.<   > There have
> been some changes since the hackers did their number on me.
I didn't see another variety there that I picked up on an eBay 
auction: "Black Sea Man".  Supposed to be an heirloom variety, 
and you have SO many, I thought I'd see all but those Chinese 
Lantern toms that I'm starting!  :-)  Any info on them at all?

> Chuck

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