Re: [tomato] Re:Tomato Fruit Set & Cold Weather

ChuckWyatt/Md/Z7 (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 07:33:13 -0400

Hi Kimberlee,

>>I didn't see another variety there that I picked up on an eBay 
auction: "Black Sea Man".  Supposed to be an heirloom variety, 
and you have SO many, I thought I'd see all but those Chinese 
Lantern toms that I'm starting!  :-)  Any info on them at all?<<

Remember, there are over 4,000 known heirloom tomato varieties.  I have
tried somewhere in the vicinity of 1500 and have kept about 500 for future
use.  Of those 500, I currently have about 350 on the web site.  I'm
actually going to cut that down this Fall because the complete variety page
is loading too slowly.  I want to keep it to the best 300 if possible. 
There are several black varieties and they have been something of the rage
this year.  Black Krim, Black from Tula, Black Plum, Noir De Crimee
(Crimean Night), Cherokee Purple and Southern Nights are varieties that I
do have.

Carolyn Male who is recognized as one of, if not the most, knowledgeable
expert on heirloom tomato varieties will be publishing a book this June.It
will contain pictures as well as descriptions of her 100 favorite heirloom
tomato varieties.  I will have all of her varieties by about October since
Carolyn was good enough to provide me with starter seed for those I didn't
have.  No, Sorry....... Black Sea man is not among them.  With such a
number as 4000 + to choose from, we all must be selective.

On the Chinese Lantern, I don't think it's a true tomato or a tomatillo
either for that matter.  You might contact:
 Jeff McCormack, PhD
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
P.O. Box 170
Earlysville, VA 22936

Jeff's Doctorate is in Botany and he probably knows the Latin name right
off the top of his head.  Say "Hi" for me when you reach Jeff.  It may take
some time for you to get an answer since all seed growers are swamped at
this time of year.

Good gardening,

Chuck Wyatt