[tomato] Organic preventative for Late Blight??

Greg Park (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 12:43:04 -0700

Hi all,

Well late blight struck this past weekend in So California.  I had a 18"
tall champion hybrid tomato plant doing quite nicely until early last week.
It had nice foliage and was a lush until I noticed some oily looking dark
gray spots.  I went looking for an organic fungicide and was given a neem
oil spray by my local nursery.  I sprayed the plant as per the directions.
Now this plant is planted at my work so I didn't see it over the weekend.
When I left, the lower leaves were probably half covered by the blight, but
the top, newer foliage seemed unaffected.  I gave it a nice good deep
watering before leaving.  The weather here during the weekend was overcast,
but no rain.

Upon return to work today, most of the plant was burnt up.  The main stem is
still green and the plant is not wilting.

I'm starting to feel that it's impossible to grow tomatoes here without the
use of chemical fungicides...Does anyone know of a good organic fungicide
that EFFECTIVELY combats early/late blight?

Thanks and best regards,

Greg Park
Zone 10, Los Angeles, CA
Park Steel Company, Inc.