[tomato] Natural Mulch for tomatos.

Paul Reynolds (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Mon, 03 May 1999 09:16:03 -0500

Howdy folks,

At the following URL is information on using "hairy vetch" as a natural
mulch for your tomatos.  Will also reduce your nutritive needs and the
best part is that it's all natural.


ARS has a wealth of information for agricultural production.  I just
happened to stumble across this one while reading their online magazine.

Even if you are in an area where hairy vetch isn't available, there are
other vetch spp.  I live on the line between zones 8 and 9 and have this
stuff growing in my yard.  Vetch is pretty common in cooler climes as
well.  I believe most of this research was done in MD, and it's a bit
cooler up there than here in south-central Texas.

Hope this is of use.


Paul Reynolds