[tomato] AaaCHOO!

John and Jan Taylor (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sat, 08 May 1999 21:50:02 -0500

Hi all,

Just read the 'calcium tablet' solution to blossom end rot....will keep
that in mind as I have suffered from that....

And Orchid! Your sweet 100's sound wonderful! I bet your neighbors
really don't mind looking at those massive plants when they bite into

Thanks to many of you for suggesting (ahCHOO, s'cuse me..) doing a
(scratch scratch) drip irrigation system w/some sort of cover and

I think it will (ahhhCHOO, s'cuse me) work well......

Just finished putting it in this evening.... (itchy scratch)

Used 120 feet of drip irrigation tubing with appropriate connectors,
then (eyes are watering, oh my...) covered it with sheet plastic then
(aaahhhchoo, s'cuse me) mulch...

The mulch is actually fresh cut hay from all our neighbors.....

--->Seems everyone decided to cut acreage (aahhCHOO, s'cuse me) at the
same time so we had access to 50+ acre's of wonderful
stuff....(a-choo-a-choo-a-choo, s'cuse me! This started when they
started cutting....)

Kids brought me many loads this (itchy scratchy) afternoon...

Gardening sure isn't a clean hobby!

(aahhchoo, s'cuse me! geez!)

but it pays off in the end!

Or at least I hope so....

Jan T.
San Antonio