RE: [tomato] Couple more tomatoes - need info?

William McKay (
Fri, 14 May 1999 07:09:37 PDT

I got them from Redwood City.  Their catalog says "abundant red fruits 
varying from cherry size to 2 1/2 inches across.   Fruits round to sometimes 
fluted...  60 days.   This should be interesting to see.

I think I have a few extra seeds.  If you want some, drop me a note and I 
will send you some.

By the way.  A month or two I asked about tomatoes setting fruit at 
temperatures below 50 degrees, making specific reference to some stupice I 
had in an unheated greenhouse.  I was not sure about the first cluster, 
since it flowered in my basement and may have set fruit before I put it 
outside.  Now have three clusters which set fruit;  the last two while in 
the greenhouse where it has been mighty cool at night.  The temperature has 
never been above fifty since they went out (April 20 or so) and frequently 
has been in the very low 40's. Nevertheless, clusters 2 & 3 set fruit.

Bill McKay in E. Mass
>LOL.  Perhaps the catalog was supposed to say to 2 to 3 ounce fruit in 12 
>clusters?  Thanks for the info.  I'll get these seeds in soil asap.  I hope 
>I have a better
>germination rate than none.  I did find them on the Redwood City Seed 
>website but
>no description.  Where did you find the seeds Bill and Catharine?
>On Wed, 12 May 1999 20:25:04 PDT, William McKay wrote:
> >Catherine.  I thought I was the only person in the US growing PUSA Ruby
> >(singular, you might note, since virtually none of them germinated), now 
> >find out there are at least two others.  The description I got from the
> >catalog said it was Indian & tasted good;  also said it had fruit ranging
> >from 2-3 ounces to 12 or so ounces.  I had to see that to believe it.  
> >you have dashed my hopes.
> >
> >Bill Mckay in E. Mass
> >
> >>Terry,
> >>Pusa Ruby is a good tomato. It an open pollinated variety from India.
> >>Indeterminate and early (about 60 days from transplant). The fruits are
> >>very
> >>uniform in size and have a good taste for an "early".
>Terry King
>N.E. WA. USDA zone 4b, Sunset zone 1
>Last frost day July 4th (most years), first frost usually the week of 
>August 23rd.

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