[tomato] Resistant cuttings?

Greg Park (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 28 May 1999 10:28:29 -0700

Hi all,

It's been quiet here recently!  Too many people harvesting their early

I have a few tomato plants (celebrity) that were killed by Late blight (I
think) before I got a fungicide.  Anyhow, one of them was almost completely
defoliated by the blight except for one little sucker.  Well that sucker has
continued to grow (even though I stopped watering the plant!) and has not
succumbed to the blight.

Do you think this sucker has any sort of 'extra' resistance to the late
blight fungus?  I'm thinking about trying to grow a plant from it, but am
worried that it actually still harbors the fungus.

What do you all think?

PS:  Foliar feedings work!  I have a bunch of maters in containers that were
getting yellow leaves.  I then applied a spray of diluted fish emulsion and
a week later, the leaves are all nice and green and the first fruit has
begun to set!

zone 9