[tomato] Advice on starting my nxt crop of Tomatoes

Richard Dillon (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 20:11:29 -0500

Well here in zone 9b (Houston, TX) it is getting kind of warm, and I have
heard estimates that our present tomato bushes will be dying back within a
month or so, and according to local data it is time to start the next crop
of tomatoes.  I purchased some "Sunshine" soil and have quite a few
varieties of tomatoes to start, and was wondering if anyone had any good
tips for starting their tomatoes from seeds.  Does anyone have suggestions
for how deep to put the seed in the soil in my 6 packs?  I thought perhaps
something like 3/16" deep, lightly water them, and let them germinate over
the next week or so.  Any other ideas?  Any help is greatly appreciated,
TIA, Richard Dillon