[tomato] a few questions

Justine.Tamaro@centigram.com (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 14:08:18 -0700

A few questions:

What is the difference between Mortgage Lifter VFN and ML R Charlie's?
Both are described as disease resistant, but perhaps the ML VFN is more so?

What is Chuck Wyatt's url so that I can peruse his seeds?  He gives
wonderful advice and I'm interested in seeing what he sells.

Finally, I read about a peach tomato in Organic Gardening that (surprise!)
looks and tastes somewhat like a peach.  Does anyone know where I can get
this seed?

My tomatoes are doing great, especially Early Girl which is just growing
like crazy and has tons o' fruit.  Unfortunately, I only planted one
heirloom (Quarter Century), but I've already decided that next year I'm
going to try almost all heirlooms.


zone 9