[tomato] watering, etc.

Justine.Tamaro@centigram.com (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 19:35:59 -0700

I've read that I should stop watering my tomato plants once the fruit
starts to ripen, or else I will have watery tasting fruit.  On the other
hand, I've heard that consistant watering is important or else you may have
cracked fruit.  My Early Girls have a lot of fruit, and some of it is plum
sized.  Should I cut back on watering now?  It gets hot here in No.
California, but so far we've had a fairly mild "summer."  Also one of the
tomatoes has a little patch of what looks like a scar (I think this is
called cat facing).  It isn't soft there, just a little brown patch of
lines, like a healed wound.  What causes this?

Also, two of plants have curled leaves that seem rather dry.  They are not
yellow at all and the plants are watered regularly.  They are setting
fruit, but seem to be growing slowly.  At first glance I suspected TMV, but
no one here smokes, and I raised them from seed.  Is this jsut the way this
particular type of plant grows?  I think it is Sweet Tangerine, but I'm not
sure.  Next year I will mark them more carefully.  This year the baby  got
into the garden and happily created a little havoc, as babies like to do,
which is why I'm not 100% sure what type these two plants are..

Thanks for you all your wisdom,

zone 9