Re: [tomato] watering, etc.

Tantrika (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 02:47:46 -0700


I'm not sure that I believe tobacco mosaic virus is spread just by people
who smoke.  In fact I'm sure I don't believe  that.  I think that's
folktale.  The heat of the fire from the cigarette should negate that
though I would be interested in being told why it might spread it.

I've smoked for years and have always had healthy pepper/tomato plants.  I
think TMV has other methods of trasmittance, anyway it seems to be more of
an east than a west coast phenomena.  Probably because there is SO much
tobacco farming on the east coast and hardly none here on the west coast,
which is the more likely varmit. Seems to me something like TMV would be
spread by a living plant, rather than residue of a smoked substance and
since we don't grow tobacco in CA, it's more of a Maryland, Virginia,
Tenessee, Kentucky, etc East Coast virus, which is where I encountered it
before.  I think whoever said that is just prejudiced against smokers :P
'sok though one day I'll quit...

sounds to me like you have the same problem I have, I live in No Cal as
well, take a look at and look at the
sick peppers.

I think , truth be told, it this crazy weather we are having and slugs.
Also a lack of good sunshine and LATE sunshine, and very late heat.

We haven't even begun to have a "summer" :( At least in Santa Cruz)

my tomato plants don't even have fruit....they're just starting to blossom.
 my pepper plants look ridiculous except for the greenhouse ones.


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