Re: [tomato] Watering Container Grown Tomatoes

Dave Anderson (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 18:17:04 -0700

Potting soils really do work better than garden soil. They are 
designed to allow water and oxygen to reach the root ball. 
Additionally they are much lighter than garden soils to lower 
shipping costs from growers to nurseries. One of the best I've seen 
is Hyponex (from Scott's who now own most everything related to 
gardening) containing polyacrilimide crystals. They can absorb over 
200 times their weight in water, then time release it to the plant. 
You can also purchase the crystals to add to your containers or 
your garden. We have sandy soil which dries rapidly even with a lot 
of organic material in it. The magic crystals cut our water 
requirements in half last year.

If you use them, be sure to wet them before you put them in a 
container. Otherwise they will expand and push your plant right out 
of the pot:-)

> > It is better to use quaility artificial potting mixes containing peat
> > moss, vermiculite and perlite. And, for tomatoes, a scant handful of
> > lime.
> > 
> > Good luch ... Ed  Flynn
> Is there a problem with using regular soil from the garden, with lots of
> compost?  Do you have to use packaged soil for container gardening
> outdoors?
> Diane

Dave Anderson
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