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Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:53:49 EDT

So, if I can show my ignorance a little's bad for them to be that 
tall?  I didn't realize that until Chuck's answer.  The tomatoes are in 
buckets, so I can set them in full sunlight if that might be better. They get 
about 7 to 8 hours of full sun where they are and then shaded sun the rest of 
the day. 
     I've been threading them straight up the cage and I pinched about 80% of 
the suckers off until recently, so they are somewhat rocket like, plenty of 
fruit though. Should I do this differently next year?
     I'm buying some of the books that have been recommended recently, so 
hopefully I won't have to ask so many dumb questions soon.

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<< Hi Michael,
 The overhead trees are almost surely at the heart of the problem.  When a
 tomato plant gets insufficient light it will stretch toward what light it
 does get.  You can see the same effect in woodlands where saplings spindle
 upward toward the light far above.
 Indeterminate plants set fruit from the new growth at the ends of the stems
 so I would hesitate before cutting them off.
  Good gardening,
 Chuck Wyatt