Re: [tomato] Watering Container Grown Tomatoes

Greg Park (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:06:04 -0700

Ed wrote:
>Lime doesn't migrate through the soil very fast, so would probably not get
>to the roots where you want it. Actually the purpose for lime is to prevent
>blossom end rot which often developes in container plantings. Perhaps there
>is a liquified lime that can be bought and there is a product that better
>garden shops used to carry (hopefully still do) that is a specific for
>blossom end rot. I wouldn't bother to buy it unless and until the first
>sign of the problem shows up.

Thanks Ed,

I've had troubles with BER the past couple years in my container plants.
I'll definitely have some on hand if it shows up.

Greg Park
Zone 9