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margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 09:16:17 -0600

At 10:23 AM 7/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I will not disagree with you on it being illegal to use diesel fuel as a
>alone herbicide.  I will admit that I can't quote the law on it and I have
>some enquiries about it and should know something before long.  You have
>my interest on this issue and will pursue it until I have some answers and if
>I'm wrong, I'll let ya know.  ;-)
>However, I do know that it's perfectly legal to use diesel as a surfactant
>and/or emulsifier here in Texas.  These are common practices here for brush
>control and insect control (mesquitos and flies).  I've used diesel, in the
>manner I described previously, most of my life.  I'm not saying that this is
>justification, but when used in a common sense attitude, as with all
>it is very affective.    And as I've stated before, you have tweeked my
>and I'm interested in knowing exactly what the law says because I don't
>it is completely illegal to use diesel and am interested in knowing where
>draw the line for private use and property rights.
>I do agree that diesel can be "incredibly" toxic when not used properly.  The
>laws that were developed were probably more aligned with stopping folks
like the
>Railroads and highway departments from washing their right of ways with
>But, too much of anything can be incredibly toxic.  And I believe that in the
>case of my own folks, I'd rather see diesel in their hands than to think
of the
>damage they could do with something such as Roundup or gasoline.    I have
>several years doing PST (petroleum storage tank) work and know that
gasoline is
>several times worse than diesel when it comes to the environment.
>Unfortunately, I wasn't consulted before the application event with
Roundup or
>I'd've recomended something other than Roundup, such as Brush B Gone, or
>have at least advised waiting until this winter to start acting against the
>stuff with mechanical removal then treatment.  I try to stear away from
>treatments if mechanical treatment can be accomplished.
>Paul Reynolds
>Environmental Agronomist
>Austin Texas
I was nailed by the Idaho state dept. of ag for "recommending use of a
pesticide contrary to label directions" for recommending corn gluten meal
for a pre-emerge. CGM is not labeled as a pesticide, but I didn't want the
legal expenses. That may be a law in your area too. If you're richer than
I, challenge it.  Margaret L