Re: black toms and changes in tomato flavor was RE: [tomato] Great Book

Greg Park (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 15:34:19 -0700

Catharine wrote:

>to generalize about a variety's taste. And there are some varieties whose
>taste really changes through the season. Riesenstraube in particular is a
>"changling" for me. I don't like it much early in the season; later I rate
>it among my all-time favorites. I thought I was wierd about this until I
>to chatting with another grower; she made the same comment.

Interesting...I'm growing Riesentraube this year for the first time both in
the garden and in pots.  It'll be interesting to see how the taste varies.

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PS:  I just got the Dr Male book and it is really good.  She talks about
pinching early blossoms...wasn't there a thread not too long ago talking
about that?