Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #255

Paul Reynolds (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 12:12:12 -0500


Well, I'm not exactly rich, but knowing the system a little bit, I would probably be able to put up a
fight if'n anyone got ansy about what I do on my property.  I've queried some associates of mine with
Texas Dept. of Ag, who regulates usage of Ag chemicals, and no one can tell me if diesel is illegal or
not.  Same with the folks here where I work, the states environmental regulatory agency.

Since when is Corn Gluten Meal a pesticide????  Geez!!  Sounds like someone either had something up
their posterior, had their panties in a wad, or they were trying to make a name for themselves!  Sorry,
kinda opinionated here.

Hmmmmmmm, makes me wonder about all those poor defenseless hogs I used to raise that got fed corn,
wheat and grain sorghum meal and meal by-products.  Ya think I should turn myself in for "intentionally
aspiring to do harm" by feeding an unregulated substance to livestock??  Sort of like the Farmer here
in Texas that got shut down for releasing a carnivorous bug into his wheat stores to combat a horrid
weavel infestation.  The bug died after the weavels were killed.

> From: margaret lauterbach <>
> Subject: Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #254
> I was nailed by the Idaho state dept. of ag for "recommending use of a
> pesticide contrary to label directions" for recommending corn gluten meal
> for a pre-emerge. CGM is not labeled as a pesticide, but I didn't want the
> legal expenses. That may be a law in your area too. If you're richer than
> I, challenge it.  Margaret L