Re: [tomato] Tomato Digest V1 #255

Paul Reynolds (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 12:26:03 -0500


I would definately have to question their definition of "land
application" of a hazardous material!  Believe me, I know what land
application is, but I guess I can see some of their points if you are
dealing with folks that don't know any better and are spraying fields
with diesel.  But, used as a systemic, it's not "land application".
Same as Round-Up.  Anyone that would "land apply" Roundup, in the
traditional definition of land application, definately needs their heads
examined.  :-))

I can see the problem with "non-label" use of a substance though.
However, this gets back to property rights and landowner rights.  Both
of which are very, very touchy subjects here in Texas.

But, then again, you do have to have some control over those folks that
hear only what they want and go wild with something not knowing any
better.  right??  Is one thing I like about this list and other lists
that I'm subscribed too, folks ask questions.  This is a great media for


> From:
> Paul,
> Over the past 8 years at our local Cooperative Extension Service
> office here
> in Georgia, I often had to field the question of diesel or kerosene
> being
> used as a weed killer.  It's been one of the good old boys' remedies
> for
> weeds, as is use of gasoline for fire ants.
> When I questioned our local folks, I was told that land application of
> any
> of the above was considered improper disposal of hazardous material
> and
> subject to heavy fines.  ( not to mention a non-label use ;-)  )
> They did not mention possible use as an adjuvant, but I see in my
> Pesticide
> Digest that such is permissible for low volume and thermal aerosol
> application by government agencies. It is not listed for homeowner
> use.
> Let me know what you find out.
> Daryl