[tomato] OT

Shantihhh@aol.com (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sat, 3 Jul 1999 23:01:37 EDT

I am having some strange things happening in my garden this year.  My 
eggplants were looking great, then the largest plant had many of the leaves 
turn brown and crinkle up.  Some of my tomatoes have some brown and dry 
leaves as well.  My squash some are okay others when the fruit is about 3" or 
4" long turn yellow from the end and start withering.  I don't know if it's 
the weather extremes of 107 deg F in the day to 60 deg F in the day and cool 
foggy and windy nights sometimes and other nights in the 70's.

Any ideas?  I have never seen such a thing.

SF Bay Area
Sunset 14/15