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margaret lauterbach (
Sun, 04 Jul 1999 15:56:08 -0600

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>Margaret wrote:
>I know Bill McDorman (High Altitude Gardening, Hailey, ID) has been
>favorably impressed with several Russian varieties because he has brought
>the seeds to the US and offers them in his catalog.
>What was the first in overall taste, Catharine?
>McDorman is a wonderful proponent and believer in the Russian
>varieties....he was one of the first people I ran across who shared my
>belief that they are tolerant to weather extremes of both heat and
>cold....not just cold.
>For taste, Dinnerplate is my current favorite for eating out of hand. It has
>a creamy consistency and richness that I relish. It is a mediocre producer
>in Atlanta, but I keep making room for it because of the taste. It produces
>few seeds unfortunately.
>Still, what I rate #1 only reflects my own proclivities. What makes me swoon
>may not do a thing for somebody else.

I do agree with your #1 choice, although not all Dinner Plates are that
good. Some are, and that's why I keep planting it too.Just checked Chuck's
"map" and see he planted Gardeners' Delight up against the honeysuckle
hedge. Sigh. I shouldn't bitch, but I cannot understand why he planted pole
beans inside the A-frame instead of outside. Ah, well///Margaret