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Sun, 4 Jul 1999 19:57:27 EDT

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<< I'm having some trouble with blossom drop on several of my tomatoes.  I'm 
 novice so I haven't a clue what to do. I do have fruit on all the plants 
 are having this problem & we're in the midst of a drought & temps in the 
 90's.  I've been watering however.  Some are container grown & some in the 
 I remember reading that some of you use epsom salts on your tomatoes, but 
 don't remember if this is one of the situations that call for it..
 Thanks for your help. >>

Well according to both previous threads on this group and the Oklahome 
extension service
(URL worked just now for me, so no typos)

Both too much nitrogen (hence my try for a water cure when temperatures
would not be the explanation) or nighttime temperatures above 75-F can
prevent fruit set.

I flushed a lot of water through a very well drained bed and the plant that 
been dropping blossoms started to set fruit.