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Mon, 5 Jul 1999 23:44:08 EDT

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<<  I'm sure Mary-Anne is
watering correctly as most gardeners do in CA.  None of us are on shortage

Maybe it's just sunburn. Or maybe the plants just were a bit shocked by 107
degree temperature, which I still have a hard time fathoming, especially in
*Oakland*! >>


I am not in Oakland, I am in Alamo which is between Danville and Walnut 
Creek.  We have even hit on a rare summer day 114 deg. F  I have lived here 
22 years and we are on timed drip systems, but this heat wave hit without 
much warning.  In Aug/Sept we can often have days over 100 deg. F.  We are 25 
miles East of SF near Mt. Diablo----it's much like Sacrotomato, CA.  HOT!  
and cold in the winter.  This past winter we had numerous days under 30, as 
low as 21 deg. F thus we lost many citrus.

USDA zone 9B
Sunset 14/15