Re: [tomato] Tomato Sugars and Need Support Quick; was black tomsand

Ron Hay (
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 07:46:03 -0700

Good morning.

What, may I ask, is EMT?

We, too, in Van Nuys, CA, have extravagant tomatoes this year. Our Burpee
Beefmasters are now nearing 6' (2 of the 3 are; the third one we did not replace
after several nights in the high 30s in April, and it has never quite recovered),
and the vines of all of the others, especially the Burpee Romas, are groaning
under their own weight. The cherries are also prodigiously prolific this year,
largely thanks to my wife's yeoman effort at cultivating and amending our adobe
with redwood and mushroom comppost, plus a good dose of gypsum., to make the soil
more friable.

Looking forward to hearing what that material is.

Ron in Van Nuys, CA wrote:

> Doreen,
> I take it you're talking about the 5' tomato ladders for your tomato
> supports.  When my tomatoes outgrew their support, I used 10' sections of EMT
> to add additional support for all those "straying" branches.  Approximate
> cost is about $2 per section.  Next year I intend to make my own supports.
> I've yet to find an adequate commercially available product for the larger
> tomatoes.