[tomato] list

Byron (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 12:15:26 -0400

Chuck and Margaret. et al

After this AM's digest, I went back to globalgarden to look at the 
parameters for this list. I reread it 3 times to be sure I did not miss
anything. I DID NOT find in these parameters

1. This list is exclusively Heirloom tomatoes
2. The garden methods are exclusively organic methods
3. Chuck Wyatt and M. L. are not the list oweners
4. The opinions of these 2 are also not listed as being exclusive.   

Translation this should be an open list where that any variety of tomato
hybrid, determinate's, terminator and all others are also open topics

In the garden, I see 4 methods of gardening, organic; homopathic, chemical
and the combination of. All of these topics should be allowed on this list.

ML forgets that some microclimes are not within the realm of 100% organic
growing. I took the time to go to organic books Heres what I found. Organic
books list 300 of the almost 500 garden bugs. The reason they don't list
the others is because there is no organic controls. I also took the time
to look in Ortho's Problem Solver Big Book for plant diseases and what I
could find on the web. At this point there are organic controls for only 
about 20% of those. Also depending on which organic circle you follow.

  I also took the time to compare maps of the ranges of bugs and diseases
Idaho has 1/3 the garden bugs and 1/3 the plants diseases listed for
the Northeast. It sure makes organic controls a lot easier. I for one do
have the time to spend 12 hours a day in my garden squishing and splishing

  I certainly have no objection to other folks expressing an opinion on any
subject. If I make a suggestion for alternative methods and you don't like
hit the delete key. I don't care. I am not going to force my ideas and my
methods down your throat. 

  I don't profess to be an expert, but I have had a lot of problems that I 
had to resolve. In the procees I learned a lot. I have also had a lot of
bad advice, which has lead to unnecessary crop loss.

As far as I am concered CW And ML are controling this list like
the first cousins to Adolph Hiltler. This is the US and the rest of us have
the right to our opinions not just yours.

BTW ML the lady with the crop problem has late blight, which if she
desires can be controlled with Daconil instead of pulling and burning her