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Ron Hay (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 07:20:17 -0700

Hi, there,
Lucky you! Would you believe that the normally hot San Fernando Valley has had
such a cool spring, that I picked ONE ripe cherry tomato on the 4th. There are
tons on the vine, but nary a ripe one larger than a cherry; but once the flood
of Romas ripen, wow!

Stay as cool as you can.

Van Nuys, CA

William McKay wrote:

> Got to admit I enjoyed chuck's post.  I have signed off a fair number of
> lists because I got tired of silly posts from folks who (1) didn't know what
> they were talking about and (2) talked a lot about what they didn't know.  I
> personally begin reading my mail by deleting everything with Byron's name on
> it, but I still get annoyed.
> Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts where I finally managed to get ripe tomatoes
> by the fourth of July.
> >I agree, Bill.  I'm new to this forum, and I look forward to positive
> >tomato
> >talk that was present just a few weeks ago.  We are all TOMATO
> >NUTS.............NOT JUST NUTS.   Let's call off this negative banter, and
> >get back to the things we really like.
> >
> >If anyone else agees, let's hear from you.
> >
> >Gene...Boulder Creek CA    Zoned Out in #8
> >
> >
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