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>>Do you do a fall crop?

I will be planting a fall crop.  I planted the "heatwave" tomatoes just to
see what happens.  I will be ordering some Heirloom tomato seeds, so that
they will be ready for transplanting this September.  I think I should do
that soon...don't you think?

Which varieties were left out of Carolyn's book because they weren't ready
to be photogaphed?

Most of the tomatoes I've planted have been hybrids.  Not because I love
hybrids, but that is what has been either available locally, or I wanted to
try the new "grape" tomatoes.  I'm not hooked on any particular type of
tomato or method.  I am interested in "what works".  South Florida has an
abundance of heat, humidity, pests and diseases.  It's disappointing to
plant something, only to have it succumb to the environment.

Carolyn in her book made some good points for heirloom tomatoes, and I am
excited to try some out.  One of the interesting things is that she lists
some hybrids as heirlooms.  She seems to be a middle of the road gardener,
who doesn't say that only her methods will work.   She doesn't believe in
pruning the plants, and she doesn't use much fertilizer.  In fact, she says
adding calcium to the soil is pointless.  She feels that even watering is
more beneficial in prevention of blossom end rot.  I think many list members
would enjoy this book, as it doesn't come across as very
opinionated....which is very refreshing.

Pete, South Florida, Zone 10

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Hi Pete,

Carolyn said one of her problems with the book was having tomatoes ready
when the photographer was due.  Several varieties were left out because
they just weren't ready to be photographed at the proper time.

The 100 temps here in Maryland have my 'maters as well as myself wilted.

Do you do a fall crop?

Chuck Wyatt