[tomato] Corn Gluten Meal.

Paul Reynolds (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 11:59:43 -0500


I did a brief search on the subject of CGM.  If you happen to have any
additional information, I would appreciate ya sendin it my way.

In the past, and where I come from, CGM is a biproduct that has always
been construed as a waste, unless it was incorporated into a feed
ration.  We had never considered it as a pre-emergent.

There is an article by Mike Darcy at
http://www.kxl.com/kxl_garden_0000124.html  Seems to be a decent
article, but still doesn't give me the chemical break down of CGM.

It is stated in this article that there is 10% nitrogen.  For those of
you that see that number, beware that it is probably 10% total nitrogen
and does not reflect the "plant available" nitrogen.  I would beware of
any product that professes to having high amounts of nitrogen but
doesn't give you a break down of % nitrogen species in the overall mix.
You might not be getting what you expect.

I would expect the organic nitrogen of CGM to be high.  This isn't to
say that it doesn't have great potential as a nitrogen source.  Just be
sure to read the label of what you might be purchasing to ensure that it
has a break down of total nitrogen and plant available nitrogen.

Organic nitrogen, in general and such as soil TKN (Total Kjeldahl
nitrogen), is not immediately available for plant uptake and has to be
'nitrified' to the Ammonia (NH3) or Nitrate (NO3) form.  Both of these
are available for plant uptake with NO3 being the most available.  Next
to the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle is the most complex cycle in the
soil environment.

I'm not familiar with using CGM for the purpose of a fertilizer and
doubt seriously that it would be available in my immediate area, I've
not seen it around anyway.  If I can find a source, I will probably
start experimenting with it and let ya know how it goes.

The article also states that CGM appears to work in a similar manner to

Hope this is insightful to some.


Paul Reynolds
Environmental Agronomist
Austin Texas.