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margaret lauterbach (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 12:42:57 -0600

At 01:40 PM 7/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Pete,
>>> I will be ordering some Heirloom tomato seeds, so that
>they will be ready for transplanting this September.  I think I should do
>that soon...don't you think?<<  It would be appreciated. <G> 
>Some of Carolyn's omissions that might be good varieties for South Fla are,
>"Homestead 24F", developed in South Dade County, "Super Sioux" which was
>originally grown in the great plains, "Jeff Davis", named for guess who? 
>Then there is "Porters Pride" from the now defunct Porter's Seed Company. 
>"Creole" was devoloped for the bayou country and  "Peron" was pnce called
>"Peron Sprayless" and its developer claimed it was so disease resistant
>that it never needed spraying.  "Tropic" and "Mission Dyke" are also good
>Southern types.  Remember, Carolyn Male gardens in Albany New York and her
>results are what might be expected there in most cases.
>Your statement about Carolyn not being opinionated is interesting.  I'll
>relay it to her unless you object.
>I have a buddy in Melbourne Australia where the heat often reaches 110.  He
>swears by "Super Sioux."
>Good gardening,
>Chuck Wyatt
when we first moved to southwest Idaho nearly 30 years ago, Super Sioux was
one of only a few kinds of tomato seedlings available at garden stores in
spring. I grew them for several years, each year mumbling under my breath
that I must have done something wrong. invariably, there were concentric
scarred cracks on each tomato. Then I learned that was a variety problem.
Don't you get those cracks in the east? BTW, the Druzba pictured have some
cracks that I think were caused by excess watering. Druzba is usually quite
a beautiful, flaw-free tomato. Margaret L