[tomato] starting fall tomatoes

Justine.Tamaro@centigram.com (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 22:18:49 -0700

I'd like some advice on starting fall tomatoes.  Right now it is hot here,
but not humid.  Tempts can range from 80-95 with (usually) cool nights.  I
start my spring seeds in the garage under grow lights.  This is impossible
now since the garage is on the south side of the house and takes most of
the heat.  It is blazing in there!!   Can I start my seeds outside under a
screen to take off some heat?  The seeds won't get the same direct light of
course.  Will this effect them?   I could also try inside the house in  a
south facing window, but I'd rather not since this would be in the living

Lastly, will tomatoes that usually do well in the South also do well here?
We have the heat and the long season but not the humidity.  I live in San
Jose, CA.  It's zone 9 and I think a Sunset zone 15.

Thanks for all your words o' wisdom :)