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margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 07:11:56 -0600

At 05:19 PM 7/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>You have to remember that Carolyn Male is gardening in Zone 5.  She is very
>specific in pointing that out.  I am in zone 7 and find many differences. 
>Some of the Northern favorites such as Red Penna, Sophie's Choice, and
>Djena Lee's Golden Girl don't do well at all for me.  On the other hand,
>many of our Southern favorites don't impress Carolyn.  Seed sources are
>another factor that is often not considered. I think much of the validity
>in her book is the fact that it is one person's findings in one location
>and doesn't try to generalize.
I agree, but I garden in zone 5, too, and there's a lot of difference
between New York and Idaho tomato growing.
I agree with you about Burbank being a great tomato, but I was disappointed
she didn't include Pruden's Purple, Dinner Plate, Pineapple,Garden Peach or
Gardener's Delight.  I think I sent you seeds for Lennie and Gracie's
Kentucky Heirloom, didn't I? How did that work for you? I'm growing old
favorites this year (Pruden's Purple, Red Brandywines, Pineapple, Black
Krim, Ruby Gold, Dinner Plate, Gardener's Delight, Old Virginia, several
large pastes to compare and some others that I didn't feel I gave a fair

I had seedlings planted, fortunately, before blood clotting troubles cost
me my lower right leg. My husband transplanted them, and I haven't been in
the garden since late April. he changed the watering system, and I expect
I'll get some BER. I'll get my prosthesis today, into the hospital for 5
intensive days of training, then I hope to get into the garden and hoe some
weeds. Sheesh! Best regards, Margaret