RE: Silvery Fir Tree - was RE: [tomato] Beautiful Pix

William McKay (
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 05:55:17 PDT

After reading the posts, I walked outside to the deck and grabbed a ripe 
tomato from the Silvery Fir Tree I have growing in a container.  (Good fruit 
set;  four tomatoes on the first cluster).  Taste was ok, (better than the 
stupice I have going) although the skin seemed a bit thick for me.  However, 
it was a tad over ripe and also the first tomato from a vine never seems to 
taste great.  I have high hopes for it.

By the way;  this year I had some extra tomatoes and sold them at the local 
garden center.  They were much taken with the Silvery Fir because of its 
foliage and compactness.  They thought it had great potential for sales as a 
container plant.

Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts

>Doreen wrote:
>I love Silvery Fir Tree and always include it because it is the first ripe
>tomato at 55 days.  It did very well for me on the Gulf Coast of Texas 
>9b) and here in Central Illinois.  The trick is to plant it very early,
>about two weeks before the frost-free date.  I've seen blossoms set on
>40-degree nights.  It hates the heat.
>Thanks *very* gonna give it another try.
>Catharine/Atlanta 7b

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