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O.K. on the advice guys.  Kinda deflates my enthusiasm, but instead of using
it on all the plants, I'll just conduct my own experiment.  I'll keep track
of which ones I inoculate, and use only the low analysis organic fertilizers
on those.  On some, I will use the Osmocote 14-14-14, and occasional
Miracle-gro, the rest will be totally organic with no Fungus amongst us.  It
will be interesting to see IN MY ENVIROMENT what the results will be.  I
wish I had a country acre to plant loads of tomatoes and really conduct the
experiment large scale.

Regarding it being a scam, perhaps you just have to make sure you buy from a
reliable vendor?  There are so many sites by leading Universities describing
the benefits of Mycorhizza Fungi, that it is hard for me to believe that the
fungus itself is a scam....just that some vendors are making a bundle on

Maybe what we need is an agency to certify that the product being shipped
meets "standards".  Tom, just for informational purposes, where did you
purchase your Mycorhizza?  It sounds like you know what you are doing, did
you add sand to your soil?

Maybe a bunch of us should buy the "sample" size of the Mycorhizza, put it
on a few plants, and report back to the list.  It would certainly be

Pete, South Florida, Zone 10

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Hey Tom,

Please keep the group informed on the progress of your 'experiment'.  There
are so many controversial products out there these days and this is
certainly one of them, as we've all seen on this group(!)  There's nothing
better than hearing about personal experience with these things.  I was
planning to do the same thing this fall.

Greg Park
Zone 10, I think

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> Howdy,  This season I tested Mycorhizza in my Tomato patch.  Planted 50
>varieties and applied Mycorhizza per instructions to random plants (treated
>plants).  Have about 250 plants in garden, used compost with a little
>over entire garden, didn't use Triple 14 Osmocote like I generally do for
>it would be detrimental to Mycorhizza treated plants.  To date, all plants
>smaller than normal for this time of year, expect that is due to abnormal
>weather conditions.  Mycorhizza treated plants show no differences in size
>number of fruit set.  The season has a long way to go, will be anxious to
see if
>treated plants have a better over-all yield.  Per claims for rapid growth,
>increased yields, etc. etc.-havn't seen it yet.  Doubt if I will ever buy
or use
>this product again.  Good luck, Tom, North-Eastern CA