[tomato] quarter century?

Justine.Tamaro@centigram.com (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:02:37 -0700

I bought some heirloom seeds form Burpee called Quarter Century.  The plant
is beautiful, but I haven't had any ripe fruit yet. Burpee describes it
like this:
85 days. This remarkable "tree tomato" was
                                almost lost. We discovered it in a private
                                collection, hiding under the wrong name.
                                an unmistakable plant, like a little tree
                                amazingly compact and self-supporting with
                                deep-green, heavily crinkled leaves. It
                                medium large, red beefsteak-shaped slicers.
                                Burpee introduced it in 1901, on the
                                company's 25th anniversary. The large
                                are carried deep in the center of the plant
                                resist sunscald. Disease tolerant plants
                                perform well despite long, hot summers. An
                                excellent variety for containers, too.

Does anyone know what the mysterious "other name" of this plant is?  Has
anyone besides burpee heard of quarter century?