Re: [tomato] quarter century?

Suzanne Walter (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 12:04:08 -0400

At 01:02 PM 7/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
>                                an unmistakable plant, like a little tree
>                                amazingly compact and self-supporting with
>                                deep-green, heavily crinkled leaves. It

This sounds a lot like some tomatoes I grew this year.  The plants were
beautiful -- and it was hard to find the fruits, because they were in the
center of the "tree" which was more like an upright 3.5 foot bush in my
opinion.  In fact, it was so hard to get at the fruits, I can't really say
how well they produced.  I had lots and lots of other tomato plants with
easy to pick fruits, so these got a bit neglected.

The seeds I bought were sold as "Burpees Matchless"  and they were
described as "dwarf rugose plants"  --   Maybe this is the "other name", or
maybe it's not.

Suzanne Walter