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Dear Pete,

I'm using Outlook express ver 5.00.2314.1300.  I suspect that may be why I
didn't see any atachments.  Older browsers may deal with these later
releases by indicating an atached file.  The only viruses I have ever gotten
have always been in attached files, so it is a good idea to never open an
attached file... even if you know the person, without first scanning for a
virus.  Most of the ones I see are atached to word documents.

Regarding earthworms...  have you ever dug up soil and found no earthworms
present?  And have you dug up soil and found lots of earthworms present?
Why are they not found in some soil and are present in other soil?  When you
know the answer to that question, then you might entertain the idea of
adding worms.  If you understand the reasons why they are present, then
perhaps you can cultivate or somehow build upon those reasons.  I suspect
the reason they are present is connected to their food and to what else has
been put into the soil.  Last fall, I went out to a wheat field and I
couldn't find one worm.   There's a lot to learn about earthworms.  Do a
search on the internet and read for a few hours and you may get more

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington

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> Thomas,I have outlook 98 and it is in the "Enriched Text Mode".
> it was in "word mode".  I also have the choice of "plain text" & "HTML".
> That message was sent with different colored fonts, with center
> Perhaps some email programs, or the server sent it as a separate
> Either way, I understand the caution for opening attachments.  I use
> 5.0 antivirus, updated weekly, and a second shareware virus program,
> "F-prot" runs all the time.  I'm pretty well protected so I don't import
> export any viruses.
> Speaking as such, anyone know any pro's and con's using pine straw or
> cypress mulch in the tomato garden?  I remember seeing once that certain
> mulches either added to the nutrient composition of the soil, while
> supposedly depleted the soil (nitrogen I think).  I will be mulching
> for the South Florida Fall growing season.
> I'm going to ask a stupid question.  Do you think that it advantagous to
> earthworms and add it to a tomato garden to supplement the ones already
> there?  Are the earthworms sold by the bait stores the same beneficial
> that we use in the garden?  I was thinking (probably after I had a few
> drinks) of buying a few dozen earthworms, cutting them in half, and adding
> them to the mulched garden.  I figured, the more the merrier.  I TOLD YOU
> Pete, Zone 10, South Florida
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> Dear Pete,
> I don't know where people got the idea you sent an attachment with your
> e-mail.  I detected no attachment with the message below.  What mail
> software are you using?
> I'd like to be eating tomatoes.  Mine are still quite green.  My pepper
> plants have really gone nuts this year.  They are producing like I've
> seen before.  Too bad I'm somewhat limited in eating the hot ones.  The
> green chili peppers are nice and tasty.  I think I'll dig up the hot
> plant and move it to a 5 gallon bucket and do the same with one of the
> chili pepper plants.  I may even try pruning back the sweet 100 outside
> moving that plant to a bucket.  I'd like to have all of those growing
> this winter.... provided my wife doesn't object too much.  So far, the
> ripe tomatoes I've had are from the Sweet 100 growing inside.  They have
> been nice and tasty.  The neighbors have had a few small ripe early girl
> tomatoes.  This has been one of the worst years I've seen in the past 20
> years for tomatoes in our location.
> Thomas Giannou
> Spokane, Washington
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> > Hello?
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> > Anyone Home?
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> > Anybody from the tomato list around?  It's sure been quiet here.  Are
> > guys too busy eating your tomatoes?  Let's see some wild tomato talk!!
> >
> > Pete, South Florida, Zone 10
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