[tomato] Funky Looking Tomatoes

William McKay (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 05:38:43 PDT

Lately some strange things have been going on in the tomato patch and I 
wonder if any of you have explanations.  First, the Black from Tulas.  They 
started off as very regular in shape.  Now, about half of them are quite 
irregular, sort of a bunch of lumps.  They still taste fine, but I wonder 
what happened.  Secondly, I have noticed that some of my tomatoes - various 
varieties - have begun to ripen irregularly.  Part of the tomato ripens, 
part stays green.

I am guessing that some of the problem is the weather.  It has been very 
warm, and lately very cool.  Another factor is that I do not receive enough 

Having said that, I have to note that this has been a great year for growing 
tomatoes.   Have had minimal disease and great crops. Have taken to selling 
the surplus, I have so many.  Have been especially impressed with Eva Purple 
Ball.  It is the most beautiful tomato I have ever seen, tastes great, and 
is reasonably productive.

Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts

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