RE: [tomato] Befmasters (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 04:01:13 -0400

Chuck wrote:
Red Mortrgage Lifter VFN does very well under hot conditions and is a
beefsteak that has weighed in at 2 1/2 puonds.  Another is Magnum Beefsteak
VFN.  Surprisingly, almost any of the Siberian types do well in zone 9.

I'll second/confirm that Red Mortgage Lifter VFN does well in the hot
conditions I face in Georgia and Texas. Great variety and it's nice to see
seed becoming well-distributed and widely available.

Chuck, I'm interested in the Magnum Beefsteak you're selling. I understand
you found the original plant growing as a volunteer in your seed grow-out
fields. Do you have any idea of its parentage? As you have grown it out
through successive generations, whice traits proved most stable? which have
been most variable? What year of grow out have you reached? I'm guessing it
would be at least F7 before you'd list it in your catalog. As you know, I'm
always looking for o.p. varieties that perform well in hot climates....your
in a wonderfully temperate growing area (except for this year!!), so I'm
wondering where you've had people trialing it in zones 8-11 to evaluate the
plants' performance under "hot" climates. Does it perform equally well in
hot/humid and hot/dry conditions?

Look forward to learning more about your offering. Will seed be available
from the SSE yearbook or only through your website sales listings?

Catharine/Atlanta & F'burg, Texas