Re: [tomato] getting ready to order seed. Need opinions. (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 23:13:29 EDT

Thanks to everyone that responded on my seed questions. I have narrowed down 
my choices a bit, and I have added a few more due to people's suggestions. 
I'm down to 14, so I'm going to have to find more room for pots lol. I have 
decided to order:

1. Black Plum
2. Box Car Willie
3. Brandywine, Suddath's Strain. 
4. Earl of Edgecomb
5. Eva Purple Ball
6. German Red Strawberry
7. Green Grape
8. Green Zebra. 
9. Omar's Lebanese.
10. White Queen.

These are the ones I've added to my list:
2. Grushovka
3. Sophies Choice
4. Black from Tula

I am also going to plant yellow plum, sun gold, red cherry, gold nugget, 
sweet million, and a few full sized hybrid. Probably early girl, celebrity, 
and champion. Not sure what else.

Michelle Reindl