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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 20:27:19 EDT

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<< Hi Michelle. For what it's worth, I've grown several varieties of tomatoes 
 five gallon buckets this year and none of them seemed to run out of room in 
 the pots. All of the tomatoes I planted in the spring reached at least ten 
 feet tall, most around 12 to 14 feet. A cherry tomato seems to be about 18 
 feet tall, although it fell over in hurricane Floyd and doubled back on 
 itself, so I'm not sure. I'm still getting lots of tomatoes every day, so I 
 haven't pulled up most of the plants yet to examine the roots. The ones I 
 have pulled up, were in no danger of outgrowing the buckets.  >>

Hi Michael. Thanks for the info. How do you support tomatoes that get that 
big? I have used cages in the past, but they are not tall enough for tomatoes 
ten feet tall. How often do you water your container tomatoes? What varieties 
are you growing? What has done best for you in containers? .

Michelle Reindl