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Wed, 27 Oct 1999 02:29:34 EDT

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<< Hi Michael. Thanks for the info. How do you support tomatoes that get that 
 big? I have used cages in the past, but they are not tall enough for 
 ten feet tall. How often do you water your container tomatoes? What 
 are you growing? What has done best for you in containers? .
 Michelle Reindl >>
    I just wire another cage onto the old one when they get too tall. Most of 
my tomatoes are three cages high. I'll Email you some pictures to give you 
the idea. 
    In the summer, I watered them once a day. 
    Everything type of tomato I've planted so far has done fine in the 
containers except, oddly enough, the bush tomato I planted that was 
*recommended*  for containers. It seemed to have trouble pollinating and 
produced a mere 4 tomatoes this year.