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Wed, 27 Oct 1999 06:28:03 EDT

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<<I just wire another cage onto the old one when they get too tall. Most of 
my tomatoes are three cages high. I'll Email you some pictures to give you 
the idea. >>

Hi, Michael--

When you send Michelle these pix, would you please also send them to me?  
This year I grew determinate tomatoes (variety unknown: they were a gift)and 
one variety of (indeterminate) cherries, but next summer I'm starting to grow 
heirlooms.  The wild proliferation of the cherry tomato plants has me a bit 
nervous about what to expect, and I think I'd better prepare myself!  I'd 
like to see how you did it.  

My tomatoes will be in the ground, not in containers, but all ideas are grist 
for the mill!  Here's an interesting site that shows different ways of 
supporting tomato plants: <A 
HREF="">Tomato Trellising</A>   
Some of these ideas may be adaptable.

Aulaire in the Hudson River Valley