[tomato] Plasticulture

Byron (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 16:26:29 -0500

One of the leading researchers in the US is Dr. Mike Orsolek at
 Penn State U. addy  mdo1@psu.edu

They are working on a site, but it is not ready yet. 

But a note to him will get about 50 pages of previous data, not only
from him but SC also.

I also went to a seminar, with Dr Otho Wells of UNH and Dr Richard Ashley
of UCONN. 

Dr. Wells implied that over a 10 year period the color of the mulch made
a difference, If the summer was real hot a white or silver was better
it helped repell aphids and kept the soil cooler. If the summer was cool
then the black or dark green helped to warm the soil. 

Dr. Ashley felt that IR mulch helped tomatoes because the IR reflectance
made the plant act like it was competeing for daylight. But did not feel
that IR helped peppers. His study showed that IR helped peppers but the
numbers were only
150 lbs per acre.  

I'm sorry the name escapes me, but one of Dr. Orzoleck team found that
attacks aphids and blue attracts thrips. 

Personally I find that 12 to 16 in deep of heavy composted soil does better
than a cover mulch.