Re: [tomato] Hay Mulch

Michael Racette (
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 15:02:59 -0700 wrote:
> Great description, now I can visualize this whole process quite clearly!
> But I've got to wonder...won't the earwigs just love all that hay?  Still,
> I will try it next year.
> Thanks,
> Justine

I have used straw to mulch many times in the garden (in Colorado), but
not with hay which would probably carry a lot more weed seeds. This year
I had straw mulch around my early season crops (lettuce, spinach and
such) and the earwigs went crazy! They would hide out under the straw
during the day and then munch out at night. I eventually removed all of
the straw and didn't put any around my tomatoes, peppers etc. I would
think twice about using this hay mulch method if you anticipate a bad
year for earwigs in your area.