Re: [tomato] Looking for Texas Wild Tomato Seed

Doreen Howard (
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 16:43:11 -0600

Try Tomato Growers Supply in Ft. Meyers, FL.  They will have it in their
2000 catalog.  They also have a web site--you can use a search engine to
find it.  If all else fails, I can let you have 10 seeds.  I have little
supply left, and I'm limiting what I give away.  My Texas Wild has been
grown and saved for 4 seasons.  I originally got it from Dan Loep in
Houston, TX who got it from Peaceable Kingdom, which is now out of business.
Warning, this tomato reseeds vigorously.  You will have seedlings coming up
all over.
Doreen Howard

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From: Roy Robinson <>
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Date: Friday, December 10, 1999 4:06 PM
Subject: [tomato] Looking for Texas Wild Tomato Seed

>I have been looking for Texas Wild tomato seed since this summer with no
>success. The only source I could find was Seed-Savers but you have to
>a member. I have Matthew's Wild Cherry and Red Currant started. (The Red
>Current germinated today, 7 days after planting. One of my Matthew's Wild
>Cherries took three weeks to germinate) Any information would be
>Roy Robinson
>Dayton, TX  (Near Houston)