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<< If all else fails, I can let you have 10 seeds.  I have little
 supply left, and I'm limiting what I give away.  My Texas Wild has been
 grown and saved for 4 seasons.  I originally got it from Dan Loep in
 Houston, TX who got it from Peaceable Kingdom, which is now out of business. 

To Doreen and others,

My source of Texas Wild came from Doreen and I have enough seed increased for 
about 1/2 acre.  The thing I like about Texas Wild is the heat tolerance and 
high temp setting abilities.  One of my gardening friends liked it.  I was 
not successful in my attempts to hybridize it during the 100 degree heat 
spell, however.  Some other lines in my breeding plot set well in the heat 
including Waterstones, Zebra Colts, Casady's Folly, and a few others.

I will do a germination test and grow outs to see if there was any out 
crossings to the Texas Wild in my plot.  I can tell hybrids easily especially 
if the male parent is a tiny cherry type.  So I will report back later about 
Feb. for that analysis.

For those of you who can click on this blue hyperlink  <A 
HREF="">Diggers Diary: Heirlooms?
it has an interesting article relating in part to my work as a tomato 
breeder.  Would like to hear from others about this article and the sites 
added here.
 <A HREF="">Seed 
Swap/Seed Trade/Seed Exchange</A>                           <A 
">schimmeigstripedhollow.jpg at www.ecst.csuchi...</A>  The last site is a 
shot of my Schimmeig Stoo.

Tom Wagner of Bakersfield