Re: Re: [tomato] Looking for Texas Wild Tomato Seed (
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 07:09:33 EST


When I spoke of the currant tomatoes, I was responding to:

"I have been looking for Texas Wild tomato seed since this summer with no

success. The only source I could find was Seed-Savers but you have to become

a member. I have Matthew's Wild Cherry and Red Currant started."

In this excerpt, robroy seems to distinguish between the Texas Wild and the 
Red Currant.  I was speaking of the latter in terms of cross pollination 
problems, not of Texas Wild.  If they are one and the same, it wasn't clear, 
to say the least!  But I thought I was clear in speaking specifically of 
currant tomatoes. Yet you wrote:
"Texas Wild does NOT cross with other tomatoes.  It is not like currant

types--it's a different family."  Puzzling, n'est pas?